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The Full Story

Beautiful Penny

11/8/2023  -  Over the last few weeks we have had a lovely couple coming up to the kennels introducing their GSD to our Penny and if all goes well she would get a home.  Sadly, although the dogs got on it was obvious that their own dog found Penny’s youthful behaviour a little too much and the hard decision was made for them to keep their dog has the only dog in the home.  Below in the pictures section is the write up the couple put on Facebook for all to read about our Penny

Although we all love Penny she is a young girl who loves attention and enjoying life so we need to get Penny OUT of kennels.

​Penny came into rescue over 12 months ago due to change in owners circumstances but it was obvious although loved she hadn’t been given the best start to the world and this left her with insecurities.  The team has worked hard and now our beautiful Penny is waiting patiently for her new home and family where she will get what she needs - Love, exercise and understanding.  

​Penny is around 2 years old and has been spay, microchipped and vaccinated

​Penny needs a quiet steady home environment, without children, and to be the only dog so she gets all the attention. She is looking for an owner/s that can build on her confidence.  Penny hasnt been with cats so we will not home her with them.

​Penny is very much a favourite at the kennels and has many friends, 2-footed and 4-pawed.  Once Penny trusts you then she is the most affectionate loving girl who loves cuddles.   She loves travelling in the car especially with Auntie Jayne who takes her to many different places and where she sees and meets new people.   With her beautiful coat she does need grooming which she loves, has she is getting attention from Auntie Meg (yes Penny has a lot of Aunties and Uncles)

​Penny happily walks in groups with other dogs, especially with her little pal Bandit the JR another resident at the kennels.  She will have a little bark at unknown dogs, but not over the top. 

​Being a little nervous of new situations/people shes not a girl you would take to the busy towns/citys for a shop around, she like most of us likes the more pleasant environments ie country side, lakes.

​She needs a quiet home has she finds people coming and goings stressful and gets worried.  

​Penny has so much to offer and will be someone’s most loyal companion and best pal given the change.   To help Penny would be nice for potential owners come to kennels a couple of time to meet and walk Penny.  She needs to know that you are going to care and protect her like we do.  Potential owners need to be patient with her.   Penny also asks that new owners are active has she just loves going out and playing ball (which she will return with)

​If you think you may be able to help Penny by offering a home then please send a very detailed email of your circumstances & previous dog experience & we can chat further 

Email :

penny write up.jpg
FB_IMG_1682174644575 (002).jpg

Penny loves her walks in the woods

penny on tamp.jpg

From the pictures you will see that Penny loves to try out different things.

Penny is very affectionate and make such a loyal companion.

Penny out  walking with her best mate Bandit

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