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Some of you may remember Milo he was with us early october & went to a home but sadly returned recently has not seeing eye to eye with the other  resident dog

Milo is a young neutered, chipped and vaccinated boy and is such a happy friendly lad who loves to play ball in the paddocks at the kennels..  He is great at fetching.  He knows basic commands and will sit nicely for a treat which he takes from you very gently.  Milo has been crate trained and can be left upto 4 hours. 


Milo goes on pack walks with the other dogs at kennels and he is good with them and inter-acts nicely.  He is a strong boy and can pull although easily sorted with training and using the right equipment like dogmatic (head collar) or stop pull harness.

Milo is a young, very energetic & bouncy boy typical of a dog his age and would suit being with older children over 12 years  who can play footie and channel that energy a young dog has. 

If your interested please send an email with all your circumstances to …. 

If we feel you may be the right home for him then we can arrange with his family for you to meet him

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