PLEASE READ ALL Info clearly & we will only respond to emails with in depth info as requested ….. no calls , text messages or Facebook messages will be responded too


Name : Hallie ….. female 

Breed : Lurcher / whippet type/ crossbreed …. No definite breed known 

Age : 10 weeks 

Vaccinated : having starter course 1st one done second to follow appropriately 

Microchipped: yes

Neutered/spayed : will be under a strict neutering contract to be done age appropriate 

Worm/ flea treated : yes 

Other dogs : yes if correct match at our full discretion upon meet 

Cats : possible but will be hard work as will for sure chase & terrorise as she’s a puppy & needs teaching 

Children : sensible 7 years plus at our discretion upon meet 


Meet little lady Hallie , she’s looking for a home who will put in 100% commitment to teach her absolutely everything from scratch , she will be exactly what a new owner / family put in to her , she’s a blank canvas with zero issues , she’s a puppy so whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will need to understand she still puppy bites , may have toilet accidents , may cry a little when out to bed at night , may chew things she’s not supposed to ….. all absolutely normal puppy behaviour

She needs a home who have time for her & wont be leaving her excessive amounts of time daily 

A family who will teach her new boundaries & train her , training classes would be ideal for her once she has had all her relevant vaccinations 

We will consider children 7 plus that are sensible around dogs but please be aware when she’s over tired she turns into a little land shark & her baby teeth are like needles….. all normal puppy behaviour but if you have children then you need to consider if you could manage the situation ( if we feel it’s not right upon meeting I will say no so if you are bringing along a child then please don’t build their hopes up to much as our priority is the right home for Hallie)

She likes the company of other dogs but again will be bouncy , bitey & full of beans so another dog will need to be able to tolerate this ( we will see how we feel upon a meet & greet how another dog reacts to her puppy behaviour & will say no should we feel it’s not right)


Puppies are hard work but given right guidance & training will turn into a wonderful family member but please do consider the possible 15 year commitment from the day you adopt 


You will need to pop onto our website www.ruffluckrescue.org where you will find a question guide to help you send all the correct info we require for your email application your email needs to be sent to 



We won’t respond immediately as we will read through them all over next few days to see the best home offers , we will then contact you if you can offer what she needs 


Homecheck & adoption donation apply 


Thanks for reading

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