Our Dogs


All dogs from Ruff Luck Rescue come fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead, microchipped and neutered.

A home check is required before you can adopt/foster a dog - once this is carried out and has been approved we will introduce you to the best suited dogs to your circumstances (you will be required to visit our kennels to do this).


Our adoption fee is £200 (puppies £225) and the donation money goes straight back into the rescue to help the other dogs in our care.


If you wish for us to relinquish your dog (re-home) then there are a few steps to take.

Firstly get in touch and find out if we have any kennel space/foster homes free. Once that is confirmed you would need to bring your dog(s) to the kennels for an assessment - if your dog passes the assessment we will agree to take them on and re-home them.

A donation will be required - the amount being dependent on whether your dog is fully vaccinated (proof required) & personal circumstances (please contact us). This donation helps us with their food and kennel bills whilst they are in our care.




To apply to adopt or foster any of our dogs please fill in the form below.

Please consider the following and include details in your enquiry email!

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be passed to a 3rd party

Where are you located?House (if rented do you have landlord's consent?)

Garden - is it secure? How high are fences?

Details of all persons resident at your home.

Do you have visiting children?  If so what are their ages and how often do they visit?

What are you work hours?

How long would the dog be left? 

Do you or your family have any medical problems or illnesses that could possibly impact your ability to care for a dog?  If so would you mind us asking for details to ensure we match the right dog for your circumstances?

Do you have other pets?  Please give details

Have you owned a dog before?  Please give details of breed etc

How much daily exercise could you offer a dog?

Would you be willing to attend training classes?

Would you use a crate if advised at the beginning?

Which vets would you use?

Would you insure the dog?What diet do you intend to feed?

Where would your dog be kept on a daily basis & what would the sleeping arrangements be?

If your away from home or on holiday what provisions would you make for a dog

Are you prepared to give a dog enough time to settle as rescue dogs need adjustment time?

If you felt the need to return a dog what would be the main reason you're likely to return a dog for?

Thank you for applying to adopt/foster. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours



Lola - 8 years - Staffie Cross







Ginny - 8 years - Jack Russell Terrier

Name : Ginny

Breed : Jack Russell terrier

Age : 8 years old

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/ wormed : Yes

Neutered/spayed : Booked at vets

Children : Needs a child free home

Other dogs : Needs a dog free home

Cats : Needs a cat free home

Meet little tiny Ginny who came to us as she was taken to vets to be put to sleep as she wasn’t getting along with the other younger dog in the home.  Ginny is a lovely, albeit shy girl who will need a very relaxed quiet home but also a home who can give her exercise as she enjoys her walks.  You will need to have time and patience as she will be nervy till she gets to know you, she will need a secure garden with good secure fencing and no small gaps she can get out of as she is tiny.  We will not home her with kids, she’s not comfy with them, we will not home her with other dogs or cats, she needs to be an only dog in the home due to her previous home experiences.  She walks lovely on lead but is a little head shy putting her lead on till she starts to trust you

She is kennel clean so housetraining should come very easy.

She is still active so won’t suit a home with someone who isn’t active and can’t get out and about to provide the exercise she requires.  

We will only take email applications with plenty of detail.

  At the top of this page you will find a guide of questions  to help with the info we require for your application.

Homecheck and adoption donation apply.



Blue - 3 years - Staffie




Humphrey - 3 years - Staffie (possibly bulldog cross)


Name : Humphrey

Breed : Staffie possibly crossed with a bulldog

Age : 3 years

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Microchipped: Yes

Flea/wormed : Yes

Neutered : Booked at vets

Other dogs : Will need to be the only dog in the home at this point

Cats : Cat free home needed

Kids : this will be totally at our discretion upon meet but will only accept children 14 years & over due to his previous home situation

Meet Humphrey who was living in absolute mayhem, he spent most of his days in a filthy dirty excrement filled crate which wasn’t really even big enough for him in an outhouse with a family life that was total chaos for him, no animal deserves this

He arrived a little nervous & can be a bit head shy, after spending just a few days with us he has started to come out of his shell & starting to enjoy life going for walks & having some playtime & fuss in the paddock.  He has been spotless in his kennel/ bedroom so it’s clear living in his own excrement wasn’t down to him he obviously was left until the only option was to relieve himself in his crate.  He came in with a visible flea allergy which we have started to now treat.  He will hopefully also allow me to bath him this week as is stained in his own wee.  He isn’t too strong on lead it’s a pleasant walk with him, he does have a little spook now & then if he sees something new which is to be expected if he hasn’t seen much life outside his crate recently

Due to his previous home & for his comfort will will NOT home with children under 14 years of age.

He needs a cat free home

Although he has walked on a group walk on lead with other dogs & was well behaved he was uncomfortable with dogs getting to over the top so at this point will home him as an only dog Into the home.  He loves his grub currently on a wet & dry mix of diet & has a good tummy.  He will need a garden with at least 6ft secure fencing.  He deserves the love & attention so needs a home where people will now have time for him & he won’t be left long hours home alone.  He needs to find a family/person who will give him the exercise he needs to explore more of the outside world.  We’re all love him at the kennels & he seems to be enjoying our company.  

If you think you may suit his requirements then please read & follow the question guide at the top of this page to help with your email application.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Reggie - 1 year - Staffie


Reggie is a new arrival however we do have full background history on him so are able to pop him up for homing straight away.


Name : Reggie

Breed : Staffie

Age : 1 year

Vaccinated : Yes

Microchipped : Yes

Neutered: Yes

Work / flea treated : Yes

Neutered : Yes



KIDS : sensible dog savvy kids 10 years plus only at our discretion upon meet

Reggie is a very upsetting owner relinquishment , despite their best efforts they can no longer cope with the situation in the home.  Reggie has lived with his litter brother since a pup but sadly the boys have started to fight & it’s happening more & more frequently to the point the dogs are going to damage each other or who ever gets caught in the crossfire trying to stop it

His family have tried all avenues to no avail so have turned to us to help.  Reggie is also completely deaf but don’t let that fool you he is a completely normal young staffie with oodles of bounce & energy.  He loves his walks & loved playing & running free off lead in our enclosed paddock , he gave nothing but loves & licks all afternoon.  He has been around family grandchildren but is a bit boisterous for young children so we will only home with kids 10 years plus.  He is housetrained & crate trained & will happily use his crate with no objections.  We will only home to those with a very secure garden with 6ft fences.  You will need to be active & offer him the exercise he needs ( please note he may never be an off lead dog due to his deafness )

Reggie will sometimes react to things on the tv & will bark at it if he sees other dogs on a tv programme or very bright flashy colours although he is not aggressive with it

He can be walked on lead no problem & pass other dogs but he won’t appreciate them in his face

He has a super nature & deserves a home ASAP as we feel kennels may be to much for him for to long

He has only ever been left around 2.5 to 3 hours home alone he is fine & uses his crate so he will need a home who can be around for him

He is still a baby so may have a nibble on things if you don’t put them out the way or correct him

You will find a guide of questions at the top of this page to help with your your application I'd suggest you read this so you can send in correct info we need.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply