Our Dogs


All dogs from Ruff Luck Rescue come fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead, microchipped and neutered.

A home check is required before you can adopt/foster a dog - once this is carried out and has been approved we will introduce you to the best suited dogs to your circumstances (you will be required to visit our kennels to do this).


Our adoption fee is £200 (puppies £225) and the donation money goes straight back into the rescue to help the other dogs in our care.


If you wish for us to relinquish your dog (re-home) then there are a few steps to take.

Firstly get in touch and find out if we have any kennel space/foster homes free. Once that is confirmed you would need to bring your dog(s) to the kennels for an assessment - if your dog passes the assessment we will agree to take them on and re-home them.

A donation will be required - the amount being dependent on whether your dog is fully vaccinated (proof required) & personal circumstances (please contact us). This donation helps us with their food and kennel bills whilst they are in our care.




To apply to adopt or foster any of our dogs please fill in the form below.

Please consider the following and include details in your enquiry email!

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be passed to a 3rd party

Where are you located?House (if rented do you have landlord's consent?)

Garden - is it secure? How high are fences?

Details of all persons resident at your home.

Do you have visiting children?  If so what are their ages and how often do they visit?

What are you work hours?

How long would the dog be left? 

Do you or your family have any medical problems or illnesses that could possibly impact your ability to care for a dog?  If so would you mind us asking for details to ensure we match the right dog for your circumstances?

Do you have other pets?  Please give details

Have you owned a dog before?  Please give details of breed etc

How much daily exercise could you offer a dog?

Would you be willing to attend training classes?

Would you use a crate if advised at the beginning?

Which vets would you use?

Would you insure the dog?What diet do you intend to feed?

Where would your dog be kept on a daily basis & what would the sleeping arrangements be?

If your away from home or on holiday what provisions would you make for a dog

Are you prepared to give a dog enough time to settle as rescue dogs need adjustment time?

If you felt the need to return a dog what would be the main reason you're likely to return a dog for?

Thank you for applying to adopt/foster. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours



Lola - 8 years - Staffie Cross


Name : Lola

Breed : Staffie Cross

Age : 8 years

Vaccinated: Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/wormed : Yes

Neutered/spayed : Yes

Other dogs : To be an only dog in the home

Cats : no cats please

Kids : Child free home due to nervous nature

Meet Lola here due to a very drastic change in owners personal circumstances.  Sadly her previous owner has to return to her own country due to housing issues etc, Lola was with her previous owner all her life so her world has been turned upside down which has unsettled her lots.  She has been In a foster home for 1 week now & although initially nervous she’s doing really well now, she goes out for walks & meets people much more comfortable now, she has been good in the home but the only thing she is struggling with is at the moment is when she is left it makes her a little anxious & she will have a bark, it’s no wonder as she has had her life turned upside down.  She was good as gold in kennels here when she stayed with us, she went out with lots of different handlers no problem, she can be shy to start with but soon warms to you.  She will need a home who are able to spend time with her especially whilst readjusting into a new life as she will be feeling a little confused by all the changes

She can pull a little on lead but not overly strong we all found her manageable here in kennels.  She will walk happily in a group of other dogs on lead.  We will not home her with children as she can get a little worried at times so adult only home needed

She will not be homed with cats or other dogs within the home

She is still an active girl so will need a home who can give her the exercise she needs.  She eats well & is on dry complete food with a wet mix (tinned).  She has been fairly good with her toileting in kennels & foster home.  She needs a fully secured garden with 6ft fencing.  If you think you would be a suitable home for Lola then please follow the question guideat the top of this page so you send us all your info in your email application

Homecheck & adoption donation apply.



River - Approx  1 year - Cross Breed

Name : River

Breed : Cross Breed (small/ medium)

Age : Approx 1 year

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Neutered: Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/wormed : Yes

Cats : Cat free home only

Other dogs : With correct introduction possibly (other dogs in home must also be neutered/spayed)

Kids : 12 years plus

Meet our gorgeous boy River, here because he was a unclaimed stray from the pound.  River can be a little shy until he gets to know you but once he makes friends with you he really enjoys going for walks.  He’s so calm & gentle on lead & walks very well with other dogs & we feel if introduction was correct he could live happily with another dog in the home (a home would also need to allow adjustment time).  He’s a spritely young chap so will need a home who can give him the time & exercise he needs & deserves

He will require a garden with minimum 6ft fencing that’s secure

He does have the odd wee accident in his kennel so would need a little more work on his housetraining.  At the moment he prefers wet food not overly happy with dry food so we have fed Lily’s kitchen & some natures diet, he’s not a piggy will graze his food & sometimes takes a few hours to finish it.  He needs a home without cats he will chase.  He has had multiple walkers at kennels & had no issues apart from little shyness.  We feel he could possibly live with slightly older sensible children 12 year plus at our discretion upon meet.  

If you think you may be suitable for River then please head to the top of this page and check out the question guide so you can give us plenty of info on your email application.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Poppy - 4 years - German Shepherd


Name : Poppy

Breed : German Shepherd

Age : 4 years

Vaccinated: Due now will be updated this week

Microchipped: yes

Neutered/spayed : yes

Flea/wormed : yes

Cats : Cat free home needed

Other dogs : Will be homed as an only dog within the home

Children : has lived with children in her previous home without any problems so kids 8 years plus

Meet pretty girl Poppy, sadly she’s here due to very sensitive personal reasons, she has been very well cared for,very loved & very reluctantly relinquished to rescue due to circumstances beyond her previous family’s control.  Her previous owners just want her to be happy & loved & a joy to someone else’s family as she was in theirs.  She is a very happy & affectionate girl who loves her walks & is a big fan of water, loves a deep muddy puddle (as Meg found out today her previous owner said she loves water & a swim).  She is a little pully on lead to begin with but soon settles once on her walk.  She has always been great in the home no destruction or barking excessive etc.  She has been brought up with children & does enjoy them around her so we’re happy to home with children 8 years plus if suitable upon meeting her.  She is on a diet of complete dry food with meat mix

She has walked with Megan fine today in the woods & spent time with me & loved having a cuddle.  We can take applications quickly has I have full history on her from puppyhood to now always had same family/ home & then have give me lots of info , photos etc.  She will require a garden in her new home with minimum of 6ft secure fencing & in good secure repair

We wont home her with cats.  She isn’t bad with other dogs but can be barky at new dogs on lead, we feel she will be better as an only dog in the within the home like she has always been used to

I will get her booster vaccine sorted this week ready for a new home & have a general vet check done on her.  She will need a home who have time for her & will give her regular exercise so we won’t home to homes who work long hours it won’t be fair on her.  If your keen to apply please read the info at the top of this page that gives you a guide of questions we need answers to in your email application.

Homechecks & adoption donation apply



Rufus - 1 year - Labrador Cross

Name : Rufus

Breed : Lab (I’d say more lab x but no idea what with )

Age : 1 year

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Neutered: Booked at vets

Flea/wormed : Yes

Cats : Cat free home needed

Other dogs : Yes very possible with correct introductions

Children : 8 years plus at our discretion upon meet

Meet Rufus, he was a lockdown puppy & handed into rescue due to home no longer having time.  He is a happy chap just needs more training, although he isn’t too bad on lead he can get very excited & jumps up lots but when corrected he will listen, he is still only a baby really & has plenty of potential if someone is prepared to spend time & patience training him.  He just wants to be loved he has such a kind nature & is very loving.  He has behaved brill when walking with other dogs on lead so we feel he could live with another dog possibly depending if the dogs were to hit it off once introduced.  He will need an active home who can teach him more & who can also give him the exercise he deserves & needs.  He would definitely require a garden with good secure 6ft minimum fencing.  He is booked with our vets to be neutered next week & have a vet check.  So far he has only had an accident on the first night here in our kennels & since then he has been clean although this is never a guarantee in a new home he may need a little time & patience to adjust to a new home again.  He is currently on a mix of dry complete food with a meat mix & loves his grub.  He can NOT live with cats.   We will only accept children 8 years plus who are respectful of animals.

If you're thinking he maybe the right dog for you then you will need to pop to the top of this page where you will find a guide of questions to help you with your email application.

Email thedogtrustees@gmail.com

It’s email application only, no calls, texts or Facebook messages please.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Layla - 5 years - Staffie Cross 

Name : Layla

Breed : Staffie Cross

Age : 5 years

Vaccinated : Will be brought up to date

Microchipped: Yes

Flea/wormed : Yes

Spayed/neutered : Will be booked with our vet

Other dogs : Looking for an only dog home

Cats : Cat free home needed

Kids : will consider sensible children 12 years plus

Meet Layla she’s got a loving nature & I only only describe her as our stumpy, chunky girl lol, she is a staffie cross but unsure of what with.  She’s here though no fault of her own, just a drastic change in circumstances (which I will happily explain to any potential adopter).  I’ve found her nothing but cuddly , loving & very calm, she’s a little shy till she gets to know you but soon comes round.  She’s fairly steady on lead, walks fine in a group of dogs on lead.  Everyone here walks her with no issues.  She has been kennel clean here so should not be a problem when going to a home.  She loves her walks so needs a home who will be able to offer her the exercise needed.  She’s on a diet of wet & dry food.

She will be booked to be vaccinated & spayed/neutered so potential adopter may need to be able to pop her back for her appointment.  She will need a home with a garden with good solid 6ft fencing.  We will consider kids 12 years plus at our discretion upon meet as she has previously lived with a child

We will be homing as an only dog in the home & a home with no cats.  If you think you maybe the right home then please pop to the top of this page where you will find a guide of questions for your email application.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Reiko - 12-18 months - Husky

Name : Reiko

Breed : Husky

Age : approx 12 to 18 months

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Neutered : Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/ wormed : Yes

Other dogs : Possibly with right introduction (other dogs in home must be neutered)

Cats : Cat free home needed

Kids : Sensible kids 12 plus at our discretion upon meet

Meet Reiko another unclaimed stray from the pound.

He’s a stunning looking boy but only a fairly small Husky, he is lovely to walk on lead not to pully & walks well alongside other dogs.  We feel he may live with another dog if introduced correctly & given time to adjust in a home.  We think he would be fine with sensible children 12 years plus at our discretion upon meet.  He needs a cat free home, he will for sure chase.

He will need a garden with minimum 6ft secure fencing.

He will need an active home who can give him the exercise & time he needs.  He has been kennel clean here so housetraining shouldn’t be to difficult in a new home.  He is currently on a diet of dry complete with meat mix & tends to graze it over a few hours.  He has had multiple handlers at kennels & been fine with everyone.  If you think you can offer him a forever home then please head to the top of this page where you will find a question guide to help you give us the correct information in your email application.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Marley - 8 months - Collie/Springer Cross 

Name : Marley

Breed : Collie/Springer Cross

Age : 8 months

Vaccinated : Yes

Microchipped : Yes

Neutered : Vet appointment will be arranged

Flea/wormed : Yes

Other dogs : At this point we are looking for an only dog home

Cats : Cat free home

Children : Older sensible children 12+ at our discretion upon meet.

Meet Marley he’s a lovely boy albeit shy until he gets to know you then he’s full of energy & fun.  He does require more lead training as he is a puller.  He’s very clean in his kennel so should be no issues with housetraining.  He can be barky with approaching dogs but more in an unknowing way but when corrected will stop again he will need more work socialising him.  We all walk him here at kennels with absolutely no concerns.  He will chase cats so cat free home needed.  We will consider sensible dog savvy kids 12 years plus.  We are looking for a home where he will be the only dog.  He needs a home who can give him the exercise & stimulation that he so needs as he has 2 strong minded, energetic working breeds in him.  He will require a garden with 6ft solid fencing & a family/person who are not out of the house long ridiculous hours, please do not apply if you can not give this boy plenty of exercise!  

At the top of this page there is a question guide to help you with you email applications.   Please read to ensure you send us all the required info in your email.

Homecheck & adoption donation apply