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All dogs from Ruff Luck Rescue come fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead, microchipped and neutered.

A home check is required before you can adopt/foster a dog - once this is carried out and has been approved we will introduce you to the best suited dogs to your circumstances (you will be required to visit our kennels to do this).


Our adoption fee is £175 and there is a 1 week home trial - the donation money goes straight back into the rescue to help the other dogs in our care.


If you wish for us to relinquish your dog (re-home) then there are a few steps to take.

Firstly get in touch and find out if we have any kennel space/foster homes free. Once that is confirmed you would need to bring your dog(s) to the kennels for an assessment - if your dog passes the assessment we will agree to take them on and re-home them.

A donation will be required - the amount being dependent on whether your dog is fully vaccinated (proof required) & personal circumstances (please contact us). This donation helps us with their food and kennel bills whilst they are in our care.




To apply to adopt or foster any of our dogs please fill in the form below.

Please consider the following and include details in your enquiry email!

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be passed to a 3rd party

Where are you located?House (if rented do you have landlord's consent?)

Garden - is it secure? How high are fences?

Details of all persons resident at your home.

Do you have visiting children?  If so what are their ages and how often do they visit?

What are you work hours?

How long would the dog be left? 

Do you or your family have any medical problems or illnesses that could possibly impact your ability to care for a dog?  If so would you mind us asking for details to ensure we match the right dog for your circumstances?

Do you have other pets?  Please give details

Have you owned a dog before?  Please give details of breed etc

How much daily exercise could you offer a dog?

Would you be willing to attend training classes?

Would you use a crate if advised at the beginning?

Which vets would you use?

Would you insure the dog?What diet do you intend to feed?

Where would your dog be kept on a daily basis & what would the sleeping arrangements be?

If your away from home or on holiday what provisions would you make for a dog

Are you prepared to give a dog enough time to settle as rescue dogs need adjustment time?

If you felt the need to return a dog what would be the main reason you're likely to return a dog for?

Pablo - Approx 8-10 weeks - Staffie type


Name : Pablo
Breed : Staffie type (please do not ask with what as we have absolutely no idea)
Age : approx 8 to 10 weeks we think
Vaccinated : just started his course which he complete upon adoption
Worm/ flea treated : Yes
Microchipped : Yes
Neutered : will be under a written contract to be done at our vets once appropriate age
Other dogs : Yes he can live with other dogs at our discretion upon meet if the meet goes well
Cats : possibly with right time & introduction
Kids : 8 years plus

Meet Pablo a real confident fun loving pup who is into everything, he has absolutely no basic training, no housetraining, he is a puppy so expect wees, poos, chewing of shoes, toys and in fact anything gets can get his little teeth into, which is normal puppy behaviour, he will benefit massively from puppy training classes from this young age.  Pablo is looking for a home with a family/person who has time to put in the time & effort a young pup requires, we will not rush choosing the correct home as we want the absolute best for him as his short life has already been disrupted enough for him to find himself in rescue, he needs

100% commitment & stability

If you would like to apply this will only be done via email application.... NO CALLS , TEXTS OR FACEBOOK MESSAGES

Eos - Lurcher

Name : Eos
Breed : Lurcher
Age : approx 18 months
Vaccinated :Yes
Microchipped : Yes
Neutered/spayed : Yes will be prior to homing (vet appointment booked)
Other dogs : Possibly with correct introduction
Cats/ small furries : DEFINITELY A NO
Children : 10 to 12 years plus at our discretion upon meet

Meet our gorgeous pound girl. Eos!  She is here due to previous welfare issues and found herself in the pound.
However, she is the most loving, sweetest, gentle girl and she loves people.  Eos is relatively easy on lead (unless she sees a cat, hence why we will not rehome with cats or small furries).  She still has a few accidents overnight in kennels so you would need to be a little patient with her house training to begin with until she learns her new surroundings and routin.  We will only home with dog savvy children 10 years and above.  Eos eats really well and does need to gain some more weight, she shows no signs of stress or separation in kennels, she is always happy and full of affection for all of us!

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