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All dogs from Ruff Luck Rescue come fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead, microchipped and neutered.

A home check is required before you can adopt/foster a dog - once this is carried out and has been approved we will introduce you to the best suited dogs to your circumstances (you will be required to visit our kennels to do this).


Our adoption fee is £175 and there is a 1 week home trial - the donation money goes straight back into the rescue to help the other dogs in our care.


If you wish for us to relinquish your dog (re-home) then there are a few steps to take.

Firstly get in touch and find out if we have any kennel space/foster homes free. Once that is confirmed you would need to bring your dog(s) to the kennels for an assessment - if your dog passes the assessment we will agree to take them on and re-home them.

A donation will be required - the amount being dependent on whether your dog is fully vaccinated (proof required) & personal circumstances (please contact us). This donation helps us with their food and kennel bills whilst they are in our care.




To apply to adopt or foster any of our dogs please fill in the form below.

Please consider the following and include details in your enquiry email!

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be passed to a 3rd party

Where are you located?House (if rented do you have landlord's consent?)

Garden - is it secure? How high are fences?

Details of all persons resident at your home.

Do you have visiting children?  If so what are their ages and how often do they visit?

What are you work hours?

How long would the dog be left? 

Do you or your family have any medical problems or illnesses that could possibly impact your ability to care for a dog?  If so would you mind us asking for details to ensure we match the right dog for your circumstances?

Do you have other pets?  Please give details

Have you owned a dog before?  Please give details of breed etc

How much daily exercise could you offer a dog?

Would you be willing to attend training classes?

Would you use a crate if advised at the beginning?

Which vets would you use?

Would you insure the dog?What diet do you intend to feed?

Where would your dog be kept on a daily basis & what would the sleeping arrangements be?

If your away from home or on holiday what provisions would you make for a dog

Are you prepared to give a dog enough time to settle as rescue dogs need adjustment time?

If you felt the need to return a dog what would be the main reason you're likely to return a dog for?



Bow -  7 years - Cross Breed

Name : Bow (male)

Breed : Husky/GSD Cross

Age : 7 years

Vaccinated : Yes (just waiting to do 2nd part of vaccine)

Microchipped : Yes

Neutered : Yes

Worm/flea treated : Yes

Other dogs : Bow will be homed as an only dog in the home

Cats / small animals : Bow will NOT be homed with cats or small furry animals

Children : Bow will NOT be homed with children

Bow is a happy chap however he is a strong minded dog and will need a home where patience and training will be put in place

He will need someone who can offer him plenty of exercise and stimulation daily, he’s no couch potato, at 7 years young you will not be adopting a sedate dog he’s up for plenty of walks etc

He walks ok on lead but can be very pully when other dogs are approaching and gets very excitable

He needs to be the only dog in the home at the moment

We will not place him with cats or small animals

We will not home him with children

He is kennel clean and was very well behaved at the vets for his vaccines

He travelled fine in my car but I do use secure crates to transport for safety

He has walked along side other dogs on group walk but controlled on lead, if the other dog is calm the Bow will walk relatively calmly

He will need an owner who is knowledgeable with larger breeds

You will be required to fill out an email application with all your info

You will find a question guide above on our website to help with your email application.

All emails to .... thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Adoption donation and homecheck apply



Lucas -  Approx 12 months - Lurcher


Name : Lucas aka Lucas Long Legs

Breed : Lurcher

Age : 12 months

Vaccinated: Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Fleas /wormed :Yes

Neutered : Booked at vets


Other dogs : Still under assessment will update over weekend

Kids : possibly will update over weekend

Meet Lucas aka Lucas long legs

Lucas is from the pound where he served his time but nobody came forward for him but suspected dumped as in a very slim, skinny state with a few marks and scrapes.  He’s only around 12 months old still very baby like.  He is on the larger scale Lurcher so once filled out won be no tiny boy.  He has been super happy and so loving with all of us at kennels.  He walks fairly well on lead, we have walked in a group with other dogs with no issues but we will test him more over the weekend.  He will not live with cats or small furry animals at all.  He has had a few toilet accidents in his kennel so will need further house training so please be aware of this.  He loves his food, not at all fussy.

We will consider children probably over 10 years of age if sensible dog savvy kids but we will update further over weekend once spent more time with him.  He will benefit from further training as only a baby with little training

Info on what we need from you is at the top of this page.

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homecheck & adoption donation apply





Rusty -  8 years - Staffordshire Bull Terrier


NAME : Rusty

Breed : Staffie

Age: 8 years

Vaccinated: Will be booked at vets

Microchipped: Yes

Worm/flea treated : Yes

Neutered : Yes

Other dogs : Will be placed as only dog in the home


CHILDREN : Sensible 8 years & over at our discretion upon meet (he has previously lived with children)

Meet our gorgeous chunky lad Rusty, who at 8 years young is looking for a home to start afresh in life.  He came to us via the pound who were asked to help find him a rescue space

Unfortunately family circumstances changed and they could no longer care for him.  We would like to see him in the RIGHT home ASAP as he isn’t used to kennel life.  He’s a super happy chap, eager to please and loves the human attention.  He is not a fan of cats so will only place in a cat free home.  He is ok out on walks where other dogs are around but would not live in a home with another dog, he wants all the love and attention of family life to himself.  He has lived with children in his previous home and loved to play ball and get involved with the kids so we will place with children 8 years and over if we feel it’s right upon meeting a new family.  He still loves his walks so needs a home who can offer regular exercise and enrichment in his life.

He’s a super cute happy chap who deserves a new start

Please see above where you will find a guide of questions to help you with your email application.

No calls, texts or Facebook messages EMAIL ONLY to : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Benedict aka Beni

Benedict aka Beni

Benedict aka Beni -  5 months - Chihuahua Cross




(Little and young dogs always cause me to upset a few people but we will go with the home that’s suited to his needs and not yours .....sorry if it offends but it’s for his requirements)

Name : Benedict aka Beni

Age : 5 months

Breed : Chihuahua Cross

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Worm/flea treated: Yes

Neutered : Not of correct age yet so will go under a strict neutering contract which I will monitor and sort out at the appropriate age.  

Other dogs : Yes can possibly live with other dogs depending how initial meet goes & how we feel (please note if I don’t think it’s right I will say no)

Cats : he would most probably chase he’s a young pup so if we consider it then you will need to be able to integrate them correctly without giving up easily


Meet Beni who is 5 months old and here through a change in circumstances, he has been exceptionally well cared for his first 5 months of life.  He is still a little shy of the outside world and new people but soon warms to you.  He’s currently in foster with 2 female collies who are very used to having foster dogs around so he’s learning from them, he will walk on a lead but again is still learning so not totally perfect yet but only a baby so plenty of time to learn.  He has a very cheeky, playful energetic side once he settles.  He sleeps in his crate over night and is very content with doing so as he feels relaxed and at ease.  He would benefit from further training and socialising.  The home we are looking for needsto be able to give him time, patience and 100% commitment that a young puppy needs.  He needs someone who is prepared for toilet accidents, chewing and general puppy behaviour.  He also needs to be a dog not be wrapped in cotton wool and perched on someone’s lap all day, exercise is a must for him he needs to explore the outside world.  The home we are looking for should have time to commit and be around for him no no full time workers who will be hours long hours daily.


Your garden needs to be 100% secure as he will squish out of gaps and we would fail a home check if garden isn’t suitable

If you are keen to apply please ensure you have read all the above info.  

Your email application must include lots of info about you and your circumstances.

At the top of this page is a guide of questions.

Your emails should be sent to : thedogtrustees@gmail.com


*****EMAIL ONLY*****

We will only go with the home most suited, we are expecting lots of emails so we will update this page with progress only as we can not reply to every single email

Homecheck and adoption donation apply

Spud -  Approx 10-12 months - Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Name : Spud

Breed : Staffie

Age : 10 to 12 months

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Microchipped: Yes

Worm/ flea treated : Yes

Neutered : Booked at vets

Cats : No

Dogs : Will update once assessed more over weekend

Kids : Possibly will update over weekend

Meet gorgeous, young boy Spud, he was an unclaimed boy who served his time in the pound and no one came forward.

He has been super happy amd friendly with us all at kennels

Walks ok on lead will need further lead training as still a baby.

He would benefit from training classes as still young enough to learn quickly.  He has walked in a group of dogs on lead with no issues.  We will test him more over the weekend with other dogs and update this page.  We may consider kids, probably 10 years plus, dog savvy sensible kids but again will update page over weekend.  He has had a few toilet accidents in his kennel so will need further house training.  He will need a home who can offer him plenty of exercise and stimulation as still a young lively inquisitive boy.  Still has some growing and maturing to do but he is just an average Staffie size.  

You will find info on what we need from you at the top of this page.

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homecheck & adoption donation apply

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