Our Dogs


All dogs from Ruff Luck Rescue come fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead, microchipped and neutered.

A home check is required before you can adopt/foster a dog - once this is carried out and has been approved we will introduce you to the best suited dogs to your circumstances (you will be required to visit our kennels to do this).


Our adoption fee is £200 (puppies £225) and the donation money goes straight back into the rescue to help the other dogs in our care.


If you wish for us to relinquish your dog (re-home) then there are a few steps to take.

Firstly get in touch and find out if we have any kennel space/foster homes free. Once that is confirmed you would need to bring your dog(s) to the kennels for an assessment - if your dog passes the assessment we will agree to take them on and re-home them.

A donation will be required - the amount being dependent on whether your dog is fully vaccinated (proof required) & personal circumstances (please contact us). This donation helps us with their food and kennel bills whilst they are in our care.




To apply to adopt or foster any of our dogs please fill in the form below.

Please consider the following and include details in your enquiry email!

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be passed to a 3rd party

Where are you located?House (if rented do you have landlord's consent?)

Garden - is it secure? How high are fences?

Details of all persons resident at your home.

Do you have visiting children?  If so what are their ages and how often do they visit?

What are you work hours?

How long would the dog be left? 

Do you or your family have any medical problems or illnesses that could possibly impact your ability to care for a dog?  If so would you mind us asking for details to ensure we match the right dog for your circumstances?

Do you have other pets?  Please give details

Have you owned a dog before?  Please give details of breed etc

How much daily exercise could you offer a dog?

Would you be willing to attend training classes?

Would you use a crate if advised at the beginning?

Which vets would you use?

Would you insure the dog?What diet do you intend to feed?

Where would your dog be kept on a daily basis & what would the sleeping arrangements be?

If your away from home or on holiday what provisions would you make for a dog

Are you prepared to give a dog enough time to settle as rescue dogs need adjustment time?

If you felt the need to return a dog what would be the main reason you're likely to return a dog for?

Thank you for applying to adopt/foster. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours



Tony - 2½ years - Catahoula Leopard Dog mix


Please ensure you have also read the post on our facebook page from a few days ago & had a research of the link posted to give you a little knowledge on the breed Tony is a mix of before you even think about applying

This boy needs the correct home

Name : Tony

Breed : Catahoula Leopard Dog mix (exactly what his printed on his registration papers )

Age : 2.5 years old

Neutered : yes

Vaccinated: yes

Microchipped : yes

Flea/ wormed : yes

other dogs : possibly we are still further testing


Kids : Over 14 years only

Tony is an import from Oklahoma, he was brought here by a family in the military since arriving here the family have split & one party has moved back to the states leaving Tony with the other family member sadly in a 7th floor flat where he has become too much because of the situation of having children & a small flat where he was kept crated way too much, he became frustrated & the owner felt the only way forward was to book him to be put to sleep as she was unable to cope any longer, thankfully for Tony a great network of rescue teams put out an urgent appeal for help & I’ve got to say before we committed to help I sat for hours reading about the breed & speaking to people in the dog world as it’s a breed I’ve never dealt with before, I’ve met the breed & had brief chats with the owner who visits our off lead paddocks, we decided to take Tony in to save him having his young life ended.  Tony has settled well into kennels & doesn’t seem at all stressed, he’s eating well & enjoying his walks & playtime.  He is very very energetic & needs lots of exercise & stimulation so will need a very active home who can give him what he needs & deserves.  He also will need someone who won’t leave him home alone for stupid amounts of hours daily it wouldn’t be fair on him as he’s already spent lots of time crated over the months.  He gets very excited when he goes out & will do a bit of excited squealing this only lasted for a minute or two

His eyes are everywhere in the woods he has an incredibly high prey drive when he spots squirrels , birds etc he is not a dog to be off lead at this point & can’t say if he ever would be without really structured training.  He is a little pully on lead but nothing uncontrollable so will definitely need more work on that with any new owner.  He is fairly clean in his kennel so I should imagine housetraining will come fairly easy to him in a new home

He absolutely can NOT live with cats or small furry animals

He will NOT be homed with children under 14 years as he has got grumbly with resident children so it’s not a risk we would take (he has never bitten).  He is definitely NOT a dog for first time owners he would need a home who has good experience of high energy breeds who is prepared to put in some training.  He has not been destructive in anyway at kennels with his bedding or toys

He will need a home with a decent size garden with 6ft minimum fencing ..... good fencing.  Training / socialisation classes would really benefit him.  He walks fine in groups with other dogs here & was held overnight with a foster who had two other dogs & caused no problem at all. He could possibly live with another dog if introductions were correct & the dogs hit it off

We have all walked him here at kennels & had no problems with him.  He has been really well behaved albeit full of life but hardly surprising after not getting out much & confined to a crate in a flat which none of it is his fault.  We will be giving it a 100% to find him the right home so please can I ask again before you consider applying think long & hard so we don’t waste each other’s time but most importantly we get the best outcome for Tony with minimal disruption for him

At the top of this page you will find a guide of questions to help with your email enquiry.  Once you have read this then send us your info via email to : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

If you don’t give us the info we require we can’t proceed with your application.  We will go with the home who can’t offer him the best & what he requires upon meeting him

Homechecks & adoption donation apply



Marley - 1 year - Shih Tzu Cross



NAME : Marley

Breed : Shih Tzu Cross

Age : 1 year old

Vaccinated: Booked at vets

Microchipped: Yes

Neutered: Booked at vets

Flea/wormed : Yes


Other dogs : Will need to be an only dog in the home

Cats : will not be homed with cats

Meet Marley who yes we know is super cute & fluffy but he knows his own mind.  He was bought as a puppy but hated the kids so he was then sold on to another family also with kids!!!!  He became snappy around the children & bit grumbly around his food so then he was left to stray & ended up at the council pound who asked us for help.  


He will walk out on lead controlled in a group with other dogs he can at times gob off but he’s not out of control by any means but we are looking for a home without any other dogs.


He will need a home who can give him time to settle & adjust without getting fussed to death he’s an independent little lad & previous man handling by kids has made him this way

He will become your friend but at his pace he needs to build trust & a bond with you first.  He has oodles of energy he is in no way a lazy couch potato’s needs someone to give him plenty of exercise & playtime.  He’s not suitable for first time dog owners he needs someone with a bit of dog experience.  He needs a garden with good fencing no small gaps etc.  He is very manageable around food if he’s left to eat in peace, he will take a treat nicely from you.  He’s fine with us all here at kennels he loves playing in the paddock & enjoys his walks.  Any adopter will need to bring him back to our vets for his neutering operation which is booked (will discuss further with any adopter).

This chap is very manageable & will make a great companion once settled but he needs time & space to do so, once he knows you you will have a happy fun dog.  

If you feel you may be able to offer him a home then please go to to the top of this page where you will find a guide of questions to help with your email application.

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homechecks & adoption donation apply

Please ensure you have read all info firstly before applying.



Philip - 7 years - Jack Russell Terrier



Well guess what our little Philip who went to a home lasted 6 hours before we had a very irate call !!!!!

I don’t normally post stuff like this but I feel I need to make it clear why he’s back.

For many months we have tried to find a dog to suit the person in question yet the most he was given was 6 hours chance in the home.  Let me tell you a little about Philip, he has been a well loved family pet since he was born 7 years ago, his family started a family and sadly the new baby was very very poorly and had immediate surgery for problems.  When baby came home Philip became very stressed ( they really have tried ) and so did his mum so Philip went to stay with family friends to ease the situation but sadly they are unable to keep him permanently due to their own commitments etc which left Philip no choice but to come to rescue.  

He is 7 years old & a confused little boy, he is super friendly but he takes time to get to know you he will initially bark at you and back away ( never has he ever bitten ) he needs time to get to know you this will not happen in a few hours, you may have a few unsettled days but if you don’t overwhelm him then he’s absolutely fine.  

He has a crate which he is used to, so he may take to his safe zone and observe you while working things out.  

He will walk fine along side another dog but I don’t think he would live with one. 

He won’t live with cats.  

He will not be homed with children.  

He will not be homed with someone out long long hours during the day he needs company.  

He is still very active so walks are a must.  He needs a secure garden. 

I suggest several visits to walk him and get to know him before you head home so he gains a little trust and familiarity to a new owner to make his transition easier.  

Most of all he needs a little time and understanding.

Unless you can offer all this please do not apply on a whim, he needs stability now, we will not let him be uprooted and messed about again.

If you feel you maybe what he’s looking for then please email us lots of info on your circumstances, your location and your contact number so I can chat to you before we proceed with any meetings

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com



Candy - 2½ years - Springer/Collie Cross


Name : Candy

Breed : Collie/Springer Spaniel Cross

Age : Born November 2018

Vaccinated : Yes

Microchipped : Yes

Neutered : Booked at our vets

Worm / flea treated : Yes

Other dogs : Possibly with right introduction & match

Cats : No

Children : Sensible 8 years & over at our discretion upon meet.

Meet candy she’s here through no fault of her own unfortunately family circumstances have changed dramatically so she needs to find a new home.  She has been very loved & well cared for.

Has lived with kids in the past that are respectful of animals so providing the children are suitable & dog savvy she can live with children happily.  She may live with another dog if suited & happy upon introducing.  We feel cats are a no as shows keen interest in our kennel cats.  She is energetic & young so we will only home to those who can offer her the exercise & commitment that she needs.  You will need a secure garden with 6 ft good fencing.

She needs a home that won’t be leaving her ridiculous hours alone that’s part of reason she’s here so it’s a no no to getting left home alone all day.  She is a little pully on lead so needs work on that.  She is housetrained & a friendly girl who deserves to be back in a home ASAP.  Also a potential home will need to bring her back to our vets for her booked spay procedure which I will discuss with any adoptive family.  

If you think you can offer the CORRECT home she needs

you will find a guide of questions to help with your email application at the top of this page.

Only emails with details of your circumstances will be replied to & we will update this page on progress

Homecheck & adoption donation apply

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com



Bear - 11 months


Name : Bear (male)

Breed : German shepherd cross

Age : 11 months old

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/wormed : Yes

Neutered : Booked at vets

Other dogs : Possibly with right introductions

Cats : Will NOT be homed with cats

Kids : At our discretion upon meet, sensible dog savvy kids 12 years & over

Meet our gorgeous boy Bear, he is young, active & looking for a home to match his needs.  He will need a home who can give him plenty of exercise & further training.  He can be pully on lead so will need more lead training.  He would benefit from training classes but knows his basic commands.  He walks well with other dogs but gets very excitable but don’t forget he is still a puppy at 11 months old.  We do feel if introduced to another dog correctly he would live quite happily with one in a home.  He will NOT be homed with cats.  We will consider kids who are used to big dogs if over the age of 12 years, Bear is likely to jump up & be very excitable so if you have nervy or anxious kids around dogs then he won’t suit you.  Bear loves his walks & loves to run round in the paddock.  Everyone here at kennels walk him with no issues he has showed nothing but friendliness & excitement.  He is a little under weight for his breed but we are slowly feeding him up.

Today I stood & brushed him which he happily allowed me to do in the paddock & then continued to play & have fuss off Karen & Meg.  He has behaved well in kennels still has odd toilet accident so will need further house training in his new home.  He needs a home with someone who has time to put into him & someone that doesn't leave him home alone for ridiculous amounts of hours daily.  He requires a garden with minimum 6ft secure fencing.  You need to be able to offer him a good amount of exercise he is a young lively lad.  Please note he will need to come back for his appointment at our vets for his neutering operation in a few weeks so please take this into account when applying for him.  

We have a question guide to help you with your email application at the top of this page, please read this & give us all the info we need to consider you.

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homechecks & adoption donation apply



Theo - 12-14 months - Staffie


Name : Theo (male)

Breed : Staffie Cross (please note he is a big lad)

Age : Approx 12 to 14 months

Vaccinated : Booked at vets

Microchipped : Yes

Flea/ wormed : Yes

Neutered : Booked at vets

Cats : Will NOT be homed with cats

Kids : kids over 12 years who are dog savvy at our discretion upon meet.  

Meet our handsome big fella Theo who is still only young, bouncy & very puppy like in his behaviour.  He has a lot of love to give but he is no small staffie size he’s a big fella.  He is a strong boy on lead so will need further lead training.  We all walk him at kennels & he has showed nothing but love & affection towards us all.  He still has the odd toilet training accident so will need to continue a housetraining routine in a home.  He walks well out with other dogs.  He could possibly live with another dog but he is very excitable so would need a dog who can take his weight & strength.  We will consider kids who are dog savvy over 12 years but take into account he is a big lad & heavy one who will still jump up he will not suit kids who are anxious around dogs due to his size.  He will need a home who can put in time & training & won’t leave him long periods daily.  He will NOT BE PLACED with cats.  He will need a garden with minimum 6ft good secure fencing.  He is booked at our vets for neutering so will need to come back for his operation please take this into account when applying to adopt.  

Please read the question guide at the top of this page to help with the details we require for your email application.

Email : thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Homecheck & adoption donation apply



Bandit - 2 Years - Jack Russell

Sadly, very out of the blue, we have had Bandit come back to us.  Please click on the link below to our facebook page to read the reasons why he has been returned.

Name : Bandit

Breed : Jack Russell

Age : 2 years

Vaccinated : yes

Neutered : yes

Microchipped : yes

Flea/wormed : yes

Other dogs : No

Cats : No

Children : No

Meet 2 year old Bandit he has come to us because of his unfortunate home situation

He was in a home with a lady owner & her daughter who sadly has Autism & Epilepsy on a fairly severe scale with her outbursts etc (not the child or owners fault) which has made Bandit very timid & nervous around new people, he does prefer woman, we have noticed he is more nervy with males ( PLEASE NOTE HE HAS BITTEN NO ONE ) we need to ensure he is placed in the right home , I do not want this boy coming back after a few days / a week etc with someone telling me what he needs we are aware of his needs hence this post that needs to be read carefully & considered before considering to apply

He is dominant with other dogs we know this from his previous home & have seen traits here at kennels so at this point he will need to be the ONLY dog in the home , he will go out on a group walk on lead under control with other dogs with no issues as they are at a safe distance & do not pose a threat to him

If passing dogs don’t bother him he’s fine also

He will NOT be placed with cats or small furries in a home

He will NOT be placed in a home with children or visiting children it would not be fair to him or responsible of us to place him in that situation

He will require a potential adopter to visit him a few times to walk him & spend time in paddock with him getting to know each other

He has built trust in me at kennels I clean him , feed him & walk him with absolutely no issues

He has grumbled once over his food bowl so we just remove it when he’s not paying attention ( he did not lunge or go to bite )

He takes treats fine & gently

He has had multiple female walkers at kennels me , karen , Meg can all walk him no problem at all

He is wary when lead goes over his head but again never snapped or bitten a gentle calm approach & he’s fine

He just needs to gain your trust

He walks well in lead not pully or particularly strong

He gives me lots of loves in the paddock & after a sniff about will sit next to me while I fuss him

He will need a quieter gentle patient home who WILL ALLOW him time to settle & I know full well he will make a fantastic companion once the trust is gained

He will need a home who can offer him plenty of exercise

He will need a fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences etc

I recommend dog/ terrier savvy home he will not be suitable for first time dog owners

If you feel you can offer this boy a secure committed home then please find a guide of questions to help with your email application at the top of this page.

We will only respond to emails if you give us plenty of details about your circumstances etc

Email address after you have thoroughly read his requirements: thedogtrustees@gmail.com

Thank you for reading

Homechecks & adoption donation apply