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Gracie - being rehomed by Ruffluck Rescue

PLEASE READ ALL INFO CAREFULLY, I WILL ONLY HOME TO THE HOME IM 100% HAPPY WITH (my aim is not to upset or offend anyone but I won’t be swayed on the requirements I ask for & I certainly won’t get into debates over it ) THE DOGS ARE MY PRIORITY NAME : GRACIE BREED : xbreed terrier type AGE : we estimate around 12 to 16 weeks FLEA /WORMED : yes VACCINATED ; will be getting sorted NEUTERED/SPAYED : this will be done age appropriate & under strict contract CHILDREN : will only consider teenagers 14 plus at my discretion (she’s tiny & don’t want her roughly handled by young children unintentionally) OTHER DOGS : will consider homes only with small/toy breed friendly dogs no larger dogs she’s really tiny & don’t want her hurt , this will be at my discretion upon meet & I will say no if I feel it’s not right CATS : would adjust to a cat if cat is friendly she’s young enough Meet Gracie ,here due to abandonment sadly (won’t go into detail ) She’s the finest little girl & the sweetest , she’s a little vocal livewire though & just because she’s tiny don’t mean she won’t need age appropriate exercise , stimulation & training She’s a blank canvas so she will be what you put into her & a fantastic age to work with from scratch She needs someone who has time for her so no one who’s going to be out long hours it wouldn’t be fair to her I won’t be homing her with young children …..sorry I won’t be homing her with larger dogs either she’s so tiny & wont risk her getting hurt She had terrible skin on arrival due to not getting treatment but had treatment & it’s now improving lots She’s a little sweetheart & will only go to the home I’m completely happy with If you wish to apply then it’s email only NO CALLS ,TEXTS ,MESSAGES WILL ONLY CONSIDER EMAILS WITH IN DEPTH INFO I WONT REPLY TO EVERY EMAIL I WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE WITH PROGRESS ONCE WE FIND A SUITABLE HOME PLEASE READ OUR WEBSITE QUESTION GUIDE TO HELP WITH YOUR EMAIL APPLICATION Once you have read all then our email address is … Homecheck & adoption donation apply

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