Sadly I came into kennels after my dad was taken ill and then passed away.   Although they look after me well at the kennels I do miss my home life and so would love someone new to come along and give me a new home.

I'm approximately 5 years old and a very calm, well manner girl who loves a good walk out with anyone who take me.  I don't mind if they bring any of the other dogs from the kennels with us so long has they are respectable and not acting stupidly (we do get a few teenagers acting silly).  I use to live with another dog but we did have a few scuffles so I think I'd like to try a home without other pets (inc. cats) this time and so I get all the attention because I do love my cuddles.

I'm clean in my kennel so dont need to worry about housetraining me and I will eat anything.  Not a fussy eater, and I do love a good treat, get some real good ones here.  Dont mind children although I prefer sensible ones, any over 12 years cause they are the best for cuddles and playing ball.

You will see from the pictures and videos that I am a lovely girl who will make a super companion so if you are looking for a pal drop Aunty Zara an email (giving all your details and what you can offer me, check out the guide on the website.  Aunty Zara asks for email so that she can try and ensure that we both will be happy together.   


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