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Our Homing Process - this is to help you find the right dog and our dogs from the right family

1. Once your email application has been checked over & if we feel your suitable for the dog you're applying for we will arrange an appointment for you to visit & meet a dog.

2. You will be given time to chat to us, take the dog for a walk & if child & other dog introductions need to be done we will do this on the day, you may be asked to do other introductions with dogs again later that week to ensure the dogs are happy together before going any further (if we’re not comfy it will work with other dogs or kids we are very honest & will inform you to save disappointment & wasted time).

3. Should you want to think about adopting & if you feel it’s right we will ask you to go away & think about this for 24 hours after this time we will not wait around we will continue our search for the next suitable home.

3. If you feel sure you want to proceed we will ask for a 50% non refundable deposit to reserve that dog.

4. Your home check will then take place (if your home check is not successful we will refund you in full).

5. If you decide to withdraw after reserving we will not refund any deposit (this will go towards any other animal coming into rescue ).

6. We will then find a suitable date for adoption but we will hold dogs on reserve no longer than 1 week you must be in a position to adopt unless you cover kennel fees for the extra duration of the dogs stay with us.

This we feel will help reduce the number of non committed applications & also reduce a dogs length of stay in kennels unnecessarily.

We are always here for rescue back up & advice but any adoption fees etc are non refundable we are not a shopping site we are a responsible rescue who have the dogs interest at heart.

I hope you will all understand our reasons is to protect our dogs going forward.

Can you foster?

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Who we are


Ruff Luck Rescue is a small non-profit dog rescue working in the Warwickshire/West Midlands area. We take in dogs from the pound and from people's homes when they can no longer be cared for.

We rely solely on donations and volunteers to keep our rescue running so any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


We operate a non-destruct policy and there are adoption fee's and relinquishment fee's in operation (All can be found here) all donations go towards the care of our dogs in kennels.




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